Auckland 5k - Breaking 20, by
4.847 km
19 minutes
Oct. 22, 2019

There was actually a lot more to this run that just a 5km race for me. I used to be able to run under 20 minutes easily, but in the past year or two, I was struggling to make even close. I have had some injuries and been concentrating on some longer distances, but was so confused as to why it would be so difficult for me to run that fast again.


I was getting old?

So the monkey is off my back and looking forward to more fast runs this Summer. The day was pretty awesome, the weather was almost perfect for running with little wind. was a pacer for the half marathon, while I took it easy for the morning and then took on the 5km run at 10:45am. Kirsty also ran the 5km run after her pacing duties, and the speed work we have both been doing has certainly paid off as we both took out our respective age group wins for the morning.

I am still a little bit off my personal best, but I don't think I am far from it now.

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Congratulations man!

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thanks so much Eddie


Boom of luck congrat


Will done to you both. Kirsty did great to do a half and the 5km.

I feel like I'm in a race against age as I started running late in life. I still feel I can improve.


Yeah, I think there is always room for improvement, it may just take a little longer for some people...And year Kirsty smashed it to do the half and then the 5k.


Great runs from both of you, bravo!