Summit Ride, by @kiwibloke
15.574 km
86 minutes
Oct. 19, 2019

This morning it rained pretty hard, therefore the 8am USO Bike Ride was cancelled. Just after mid-day the rain stopped and even though it just might rain, I decided to go out for a ride.

Half way down the otherside I came across 2 MTB'ers working on a bike. The cable to the rear derailleur cable had came out of the housing stops. It's lucky I carry tools so after 20mins, cable put back in place, the young lads were off downhill racing (ie doing crazy MTB'ers stuff) and I carried on doing my thing.

Soon as I got home my grandson was at the top of the driveway asking if he can go for a ride, you can't say no to that.

The total ride for today was actually 21.35km in 1hr 43mins.

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