Friday Run To The Pools, by
5.15 km
29 minutes
Nov. 9, 2018

Friday is always a favorite day of mine, especially when it comes to training. Friday is usually an easier day with a track workout during the day then a swim session at night. The cool thing about the swim session though is that it is not a squad session with a coach, but just myself and my girlfriend working on technique. Even though we work hard, it is a lot more relaxed than our normal swim sessions, it is a lot more relaxed and being in the evening we also have time to jump in the spa afterwards. We then get Indian food for dinner and is always a great way to start the weekend.

This week was no exception but I needed to meet my girlfriend at the pools and as I don't have a car and I also have not been doing my track work on Friday's(Will be starting again soon), I did what I normally do and decided to use the commute as time to get an extra run in. Its been a long week and is my first real week of training again after my ultra marathon so I definitely felt it. Combined this with the fact that I had a heavy backpack, I was happy to take it easy for the run and was glad when I got to the pool.

Details of the run can be found on Strava at:

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