Sunday's Progressive Long Run, by @toofasteddie
12.055 km
56 minutes
Oct. 6, 2019

Sunday is the typical day for my Long Run. This time I did run 12 Km, starting with 1 km at 5'15"/km, 5Km at 4'26"/km in average, 3km at 4'16"/km and 2 kms more at 4'km so, starting soft and ending strong. Then 1 km more of cool-down jogging and some soft stretching to end the workout. I have felt very well, yesterday rest has done its work allowing me to recover from a high intensity week on which I have run fast and I kept my weekly volume at 52 km a week.

Next week is going to be lighter in terms of volume but with a hard workout on wednesday in order to set up my conditions to face a first 10K race on Sunday. Depending on Wednesday workout I will tell you what will be my target pace on that race.

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