Breath in, Breath out, by @toofasteddie
8.024 km
43 minutes
Jan. 13, 2022

I started the day with a battery of 3 meetings in a row, all of them quite stressful, so much so that at noon I couldn't take it anymore and I turned off my laptop to disappear for a few moments in my daily running routine. The "therapy" has been good, I have focused on breathing and exhaling, controlling the pace and adapting it to the different terrain that we have crossed. I have enjoyed the spectacle that the city and its parks offer me on a cold but sunny day. In addition to relaxing my tensions, I am getting a better aerobic state for future more demanding activities in terms of running. Running is a complex activity, it is not only based on moving your legs in a fast and rhythmic way. I would say that the way we breathe while running plays the most important role. Most people fail in this regard and it must be said that it is not something that is easily acquired. My recommendation for those who start or want to maintain some consistency in their running is that they try to improve their breathing before improving their speed or endurance. The "conscious" practice of a good breath when you run is part of the training and a key aspect to have a good feeling after finishing the activity. Over time, this "breathing training" will become part of your running form and you will do it unconsciously and very efficiently. Keep on running...and breathing!!!


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Yep getting out for a run on lunch break is an awesome destress. I always struggle to get out the door, I feel guilty, but as soon as I get out the door, its awesome.