Lunchtime run: Cooling off, by @steevc
7.618 km
47 minutes
Sept. 5, 2019

I usually run on a Wednesday, but I was a bit worn out this week and so put it back a day. We are definitely feeling like autumn (fall) now as it is distinctly cooler. It's still fine for running in t-shirt and short, but then I do that most of the year. I did my regular intervals run up to Fairlands Valley Park. I am seeing real improvement as my 1km 'sprints' were averaging comfortably under five minutes. I would like to see them all below that before I consider changing my programme. I really need to keep this run under fifty minutes to fit in with work, so I welcome suggestions of what to do next.

It was quite a nice day. For the first time I saw people sailing model yachts on one of the lakes and there were people fishing as usual. Stevenage is blessed with some good green spaces and the roads are fairly quiet away from the main ones. The cycle path network makes it easy to get around without having to cross too many roads.

I spent a few minutes at the outdoor gym at the end of my run to give my arms a workout.

When I got back I had to wait a few minutes for a changing room, but I did not need to cool down as much as recent weeks. After my shower I still had enough energy to climb the four floors back to my desk and felt pretty good really. Maybe I could have run a little faster.

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