Afternoon Tempo Run By Kamniška Bistrica, by @ervin-lemark
10.662 km
56 minutes
Sept. 4, 2019

It's good to be back in school.

OK, summer vacation is better, of course. Yet, school days bring some order. Among other things, there are afternoon activities for kids. Which means that during these activities I can use the time for a run.

Combine this spare time with a location near the river and its walking paths and you get ...

Running by the river Kamniška BIstrica - again

I missed these runs, I really did.

This run was the first 10 k run after the event in Kranjska gora on August the 15th.. It was also the first mid-distance tempo run. I am quite satisfied with the pace. Constant and day pace quick.

It was fun to keep the tempo so I didn't stop for any photo sessions.

Looking forward to the next runs by the river. I hope that autumn will be long and warm and dry.

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Better and better

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...and remember, you are only one run away from a good mood!. @marenontherun quote anewrunning.gif