Afternoon Run Commute Home, by
4.061 km
20 minutes
Oct. 25, 2018

A good run home from work. This easy 4km run cuts out having to catch an extra bus home and usually acts as a warm up for a gym session. The run is just over 3km but I add an extra run around the block to even it up to 4km.

I have used my commute run home or to work quite a bit, especially when I first started running and I can credit it for getting me into a healthy routine and an active lifestyle. When I am training for longer runs I will usually extend the run a little further as running with a backpack increases my heart rate quite a bit and I believe it can simulate running on tired legs.

I do try to limit the amount I have in my back pack through as the heavier my back pack is, the more weight I am carrying which could cause injuries and as I am on call for work, I needed to have my laptop in my bag so it was nice to only have to run 4km this afternoon. Running as part of your commute can definitely improve your base endurance but is not the best if you are trying to improve your speed. It's probably best to make sure you have some speed work in your week to make sure your speed is still improving. Of course it's best to build up your kilometers as well if you are just starting out.

If you are looking for some more information on my run, feel free to checkout strava:

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No need to be a masochist to run well... but a bit of pain could make you stronger. ;) @amico

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Running short distances with a backpack can be a great training, bravo!

Imagine this scene: you step on a start line of a race with a heavy backpack. Seconds before the race starts you put your backpack off and yell: "Hold me hold me. I'm gonna fly!"

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