Morning Ride, by
38.467 km
88 minutes
Aug. 25, 2019

That's so cool...I was able to hit a button and now bring my activity down from Strava...This is a game changer and I am sure there are a lot more people out there wanting to know about this.

Well today, myself and were still west of Auckland for the weekend and we had our bikes ready for a good ride. We are looking forward to this summer and a few races we have planned, including some triathlons. It was a great ride as the road is flat and even though the cross winds were pretty strong, it was a great ride for the day.

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Glad you think it's cool!

Just got charts and stuff working for Strava activities as well! At least, they should be working... Going to get a few more things tidied up today here, and then fire out a quick and dirty post announcing the compatibility


Nice work mate...I think it will make things easier


Very cool. Maybe I should integrate strava on my smartwatch to make this easier...

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Get onto it mate, its a game changer