Lunchtime Run: Warming up, by @steevc
7.754 km
48 minutes
Aug. 21, 2019

I missed my midweek run last week due to bad weather, but it was nice out today. It has been getting cooler in the evenings, but at lunchtime it was relatively warm. I did my usual 1km intervals. I am finding I can keep the pace up through those and I am averaging under 5min/km. I actually got my best 5km of the month, but then I have not been to parkrun recently.

I went up to Fairlands Valley Park again. The cafe was busy as the kids are on summer break. I went a bit further around the lakes to ensure I completed all the intervals before I got to the outdoor gym. I did my standard reps there.

My listening was Chasing Tone (guitar gear) and Digital Planet (technology). I have applied for a ticket to the live show of the latter that is celebrating 18 years. I have actually listened to it for most of that time.

I hope to do some cycling and possibly parkrun this week. I need to get fit for the 10km race in October.

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The geeky guitarist and facilitator of the 10K Minnows Project.

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