Trail race Sunday, by @marenontherun
5.0 km
31 minutes
Aug. 12, 2019

Yesterday I participated in a local trail race and ran the 5K. It had been pouring down for days and the trails were muddy and slippery so caution was required. I had to walk down one of the hills to be on the safe side! However, these trails are my backyard and I am used to running on slippery stones and rootes, so my effort was enough to get third place for the women (3/23) and first in age group. Very happy about that as I am by no means a sprinter.

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Congratulations!!! Good position!

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Well done, congratulations


...and remember, you are only one run away from a good mood!. @marenontherun quote anewrunning.gif


Well done. Love trail running.

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Glad you had a good race on the trails and didn't get hurt.