Hiking Mt Douglas, by @mstafford
2.623 km
48 minutes
Aug. 11, 2019

Hiking Mt Doug with my buddy Shaun. Nice cool day today, so the dogs loved getting out for some fresh fresh air without getting too much of a pant on. This was actually my first time getting out for a hike at Mt Douglas. Nice short hike, and we dodged the incoming rainstorm just in town on our trip down.

Really love all the cool hikes and short jaunts in town. Mt Doug feels like it's located in the middle of the city. Really cool views from the top. Had a great time playing around with the drone.

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Oh beautiful! I love hiking in mountainous and rocky terrain. :) Looks like it has a pretty steep grade as well, must have been fun!


It was super fun! I'm always caught off guard by how steep all the hiking trails are around here. I grew up in the mountains, but the grade was actually pretty mild -- at least at the base. Here though, it feels like it just hits a 30~50% from start to finish.

I love hiking in mountainous and rocky terrain. :)

Lookin' forward to seeing some cool hiking stuff from you then ;) -- What part of the world do you live in?


How crazy was the rain? It absolutely bucketed down for a good while and has now just completely stopped. Mt Doug seems like a bit of a dude! Good times!


It was raining super hard this morning. But it eased off around 11:30 or so, and welcomed us and the pups into the outdoors.

Mt Doug was a very welcoming host. It was actually kinda rad -- my first time out there. You start the (admittedly short) hike going through the base where it's overrun w HUGE almost-oldgrowth Douglas Fir trees. And then you start getting into groves of Gary Oak trees, and then some of the amazing yet somewhat daunting Arbutus trees. Then it started to get a bit dry and almost desert-like (though, lush, green ferns were always within eyesight).

Never really seen so many 'biomes' all in such a small area. It was super cool.

Good times indeed!

Been a while since I've seen some cool PNW hikes, or stories of "almost making it to the summit of something" coming outta you. What's crackalackin' these days? Hope the new job is treating you well!


Your hike looks amazing. Have you ever hiked the white mountains before ?


I have not! Where abouts are those?