Magpie's Valley Afternoon Run, by @ervin-lemark
6.57 km
34 minutes
Aug. 9, 2019

Fourth time this week into the Magpie's valley, three times all the way to the end. This means around 6.6 kilometers of a fairly flat and mostly tarmac course. All in line with the preparations for the event next Thursday which is 10 kilometers long, on asphalt and even flatter.

Today the run was done in a progressive pace, from day pace to the race pace. You can see for yourself on the images that kilometer times were consistent with the profile and faster towards the end of the run. It is good so.

All metrics show that progress is being made from run to run. It's easy to do so when you start from zero when it comes to speed.

Next steps

Over the weekend I'll make two short runs since we'll be hiking in the mountains most of the time. Then, on Monday and Tuesday, I plan to do two tempo runs. Maybe one of these will turn into an interval run on the track. Afterward, an easy run on Wednesday and catch me when you can on Thursday.

Have a great weekend!

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Better and better

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Great activity


Hey, @mstafford. How come @exhaust is picking video thumbnail and not the first image for the cover thumbnail of the post?


Hey dude. Not totally sure what you mean. If you look at the feed page for EXHAUST, it shows the first image, I think:


same w/ :


Seems like it's just on I would imagine that they've done some kind of backend stuff on their site that, if a youtube or dtube link is found, it'll pull the video thumbnail for the cover rather than the first image in the post. Either way -- it's not really something that I can affect, I don't think.

I would imagine that is operating similarly to my site, where it scans the post body for the first image (jpg, jpeg, or png) it can find, and uses that as the cover thumbnail.


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