Dark Run, by @toofasteddie
5.035 km
30 minutes
Oct. 18, 2021

Well, it seems that we are going to need the usual time change that we Europeans implement every 6 months if we want to see the sun again when we are going to run at 7:00 AM. Enzo doesn't notice it anyway since he seems to be governed by solar time, so for him I must be half crazy going for a run so early... that's why in the photo he looks like telling me "Come on Man! let's go to bed!!!" But if I don't go out for a run soon, in the middle of the morning Enzo would ask me to go for a walk again and, at that time, I'm sure I'm working with what is much better to tire him so that he can take a relaxing nap in his favorite corner of the house, my daughter's bed ... Nothing special with the run, as we have always combined hills, stairs and some core exercises ... this is the most I can currently do with the time I have, but at least, I keep running! @toofasteddie

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Doing what you can with what you have, keep it up my friend @toofasteddie


thanks mate!


I feel the same about going running before breakfast Enzo. No wonder you’re pulling that face.

Well done for getting it done Eddie!