Morning Run - parkrun 38, by @steevc
4.942 km
26 minutes
Oct. 2, 2021

Today was my first run at Henlow Bridge Lakes parkrun. This is only the second event there, but I heard about it too late to be there last week. This course is very close to me, so I jogged most of the way there and walked the rest.

The course is on tracks around the fishing lakes and camping site. It is all grass and earth, but was not too muddy despite a lot of rain this week. A guy I know has been involved in organising it and he was running this week. It is two and a half laps.

There was a good crowd at the start with lots running it for the first time. As we set off we passed a few bemused anglers. Not too far in I was aware a shoelace was undone so I had to stop and sort that out. The laces on my trail shoes are quite stiff, but I think this is the first time they have come undone on a run. I lost a bit of time, but passed a few people after I set off again.

I spent a lot of the run just behind some guy who I could just about keep up with. We had to pass the finish twice before the end and that did make it feel like a long way. I suspect the leaders were not too far behind when we went past the second time. Shortly after that I passed the tail walker.

That last lap was hard work, but I kept going. The guy I was following went away from me near the end and a couple of others came past.

My official time was 26:49, which is similar to what I last did at Letchworth. This course is a lot flatter, so I ought to be able to do it quicker. I need to work on my speed. I was happy enough today though. I walked some of the way home as I felt drained, but jogged the last half.

I can really recommend doing a parkrun even if you cannot run all the way at first. It is free and fun. I will look to volunteer for this event soon.

Run free and stay well.

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The whole idea of having some goal in there is actually pretty nice. and a 26 minute parcours is also still doable for people who dont have a whole marathon in their legs...hmmm maybe I should get my running also back up to par a bit


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Wow, such a parkrun sounds great... and to be honest, you had a pace just above 5 minutes per kilometer and that isn't bad at all! :) Congrats!!


stay healthy i'm also running now and then in morning


It’s a good and good job for health.But I also jog in the morning.❤


Good crowd out there @steevc good work on the run too.


These are always friendly events. Most people don't get too serious about competing, but they will want to improve. I will be trying to do a run most weeks as well as doing some volunteering.



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