Dipping my Feet In The Water, Lunch Run, by @run.vince.run
8.768 km
46 minutes
Aug. 2, 2019

Image Courtesy of Good Street View. I just wanted to show the hill climb I have to run up.

I was able to check off two goals today on my run. 1. I was able to take off my shoes at the beach and put my feet in the water for a couple of minutes. 2. I was able to continuously run up Goodall Street on the way home from about the 4km mark to the 5.5km mark.

Its pretty cool, cause I think I have simply been trying to run too fast up the hill. I slowed to about 7 minutes per km and felt I could keep going. It was also great because even though I had to run a little later than normal, I was able to get back to work before the heavy rains came.

For more details on my run, feel free to checkout Strava

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