Afternoon Run, by @rthelly
9.048 km
49 minutes
Sept. 26, 2021

My one and only run of last week. It wasn’t pleasant or easy but I can still run, hurrah! Went off road with my dog, Ray on one of our usual routes through the fields. Everywhere is bobe dry at the moment and I was glad to not have any mud to contend with yet. It took a few miles to warm up and not feel creaky but I was moving quite fluidly by the end. Did some yoga afterwards to try and stretch out my achy right hip. Still suffering with tightness in the arch of my foot. Possibly plantar faciitis. Rolling iced water bottles with my foot to try help this. Turns out running 100k takes a while to recover from 😂 who knew?! Will have another easy week & then hopefully be able start it up again.

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I'm not recovered from my 10km race on Sunday, but I did run anyway today. 100km has to take a while to get over. Take it easy and stay strong. Don't worry, the mud will come...



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