parkrun 37 - Mr Consistent, by @steevc
4.986 km
27 minutes
Sept. 18, 2021

It is Saturday and that means parkrun. It was quite misty as I got the bike out, but it cleared as I cycled through Arlesey on my way to Letchworth. There is a track on the way to the Greenway where it gets a bit narrow due to encroaching nettles. A lady with kids and a dog moved aside to let me pass and got stung. So did I. I was warmed up by the time I got to the start, but then I had worn an extra layer given how chilly it was.

It was another good turnout with 128 runners. I know other events are much bigger. We always seem to have a few tourists and first-timers.

I managed to resist going off too fast. When we got to Carnage Corner it was dry, but a tractor must have gone through there after the recent rain and so it is all churned up. It will get much worse through the winter. The hill never seems to get any easier. On the second lap there were a couple of guys behind me having a good chat. I would struggle to talk that much. They went past me. On the second climb I stayed behind a guy who was going a little slower than I might have. I was thinking I would save my energy for the last stretch, but this did slow me down a bit. I did have enough energy for a spurt at the end, but it was not enough to overtake anyone.

The time was a little better than last week and my second best of the year. I had a couple of segment personal records that give me hope. I just need to be able to keep the speed up for longer.

I rode back a different way that avoids the nettles. It is a fairly busy day with shopping and a pub jam session later. We are also taking down our pool, although it has got quite warm today. The main thing is to put it away dry, so we need to make the most of the good weather.

Have a great weekend. Run free and stay well.

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Im thinking of running when the temperature drops a little as you know winter is coming and it would be a great time for me to lose weight I have stored a lot of fat on my body that I need to burn


Good luck with it. I think running can bring many benefits as long as you can avoid injury. I hope you can enjoy it.



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I'd say second best for the year is pretty darn good!

Great run! Good read! Thanks for the post :)


Consistency is still progress @steevc well done mate. Have some !PIZZA

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