Run 2 For September - 10.44kms clocked so far, by @mimismartypants
5.27 km
45 minutes
Sept. 15, 2021

2nd run for the month and doing good! Clocked 5.27kms, still not feeling my best, in fact, I was slower than Monday. but I kept at it. Also bumped into an old friend along the way and had a chat, probably also added a few mins to the run as I forgot to pause my watch!

Route: The Usual route from Muizenberg to Dale brook tidal pool in Kalk Bay, edged out a little further today.

I set a goal for 50kms in September: Completed: 10.44 km

Next run is scheduled for Friday morning! Keen to push and get these kms on my legs!

Here's to getting exhausted!

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wow a great progress there!! I wish I can join this Exhaust community very soon! Here some !PIZZA after the run XD


LOL you should join! Nothing like a good run to spike those endorphins! !PIZZA