First Run In September - 5.17kms of 50 Kms, by @mimismartypants
4.812 km
40 minutes
Sept. 13, 2021

Ran a kms this morning inspired by @steevc's exhaust post last week. I have been wanting to get my butt n gear but have not had the time. Today i decided to make time. 5.17kms in 43 mins. not bad, but not the best time. hoping to get back to 30 mins for 5km in a few months.

Started after 11, and think that was a bad idea, the sun was hitting me hard on the way back, as the route is fairly open. Will probably feel a bit stronger if I go earlier!

I set a goal for 50kms in September: Completed: 5.17kms

Chuffed to get this achieved, and improve my fitness! if i drop a kilo that would be awesome, but my main goal is to get into the rhythm this month!

My Next Run is scheduled for Wednesday morning!

Here's to creating good habits!

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Well done. Many people could not run 5km, so you are ahead of them. Keep it up!



@mimismartypants! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @steevc.

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Thanks Steev! I gotta thank you for fir inspiring me to get off my ass!



Wow 40mins is good! Keep it up! Seeing your post about running this few days really makes me want to go out and run too xD have some !PIZZA after all the sweat!


@mimismartypants! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @tawadak24.

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This was my first run in a few weeks. Going to try and be more consistent! If you can find the time do it! I'm still super slow now but hoping to get back into my groove!

Also, eating !PIZZA after I run is the reason why I can't loose weight 🤣