Monday's Short, by @toofasteddie
5.053 km
29 minutes
Sept. 13, 2021

Starting the week with energy but with a short run this time, over the hill to see this magnificent sunrise. The days are getting shorter and we have left that it was still dark. Let's see if with a bit of luck a cooler climate comes in which Enzo and I can enjoy running in a less demanding way. Tomorrow I will try to go for a run alone and do a slightly longer route, slowly but surely adding up each day. Keep on running! @toofasteddie

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You are such a wonderful example! Would have loved to have your discipline... waking up early morning for a run is something I can not see myself doing. Congrats!


It's easy when you have to bring your kids ti the school bus station so early 😁


if those 5 km were uphill then you're pretty awesome :)


Uphill 5K is not a short run :P