Celjska hut and Grmada, by @ervin-lemark
9.0 km
177 minutes
July 27, 2019

Today we went on a hike towards Celjs koča (hut) and Grmada (bonfire). These two adjacent hills are rising prominently to the southeast of the city of Celje.

We were also able to find two geocaches near the two tops.

Celjska koča is a very popular spot for hikers, cyclist, families, everybody. In the winter you can ski here while in the summer you can have fun on the sled course, in the adrenaline park or just with exploring the hills around it.

This time I didn't upload the gpx tracks because I recorded the hike in two parts as you will see from the images.

The cover image is from the top of Grmada just before the rainstorm dropped on us. We were prepared for bad weather so it wasn't an issue.

It was a great hike and we'll repeat it soon.

Better and better

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