Saturday Ride With Kirsty, by
30.887 km
77 minutes
July 26, 2019

The image is from when my work used to make good coffee. They made good coffee but didn't get our names quite right but that didn't matter. Me and Kirsty used to get coffee most mornings when I got to work and then she would head to her work...It has not been the same for a long time.

We still get coffee together on most days, as we did today but we went for a ride after wards as it was a kinda warm winters day in Auckland. Kirsty hasn't been on a bike since she raced Ironman New Zealand 70.3 but you couldn't tell. Of course she is still fit, hasn't lost any endurance and the body weight work she has been doing has kept here fast.

It was a pretty cool ride and a good work out.

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